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Chairpack 30 - 802

OAK - 001
3DX - 003
3DX-G - 004

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A representative of the latest hunting technology, the Chairpack 30 combines the most avant-garde solutions for functionality and comfort. Thanks to the built-in polymer chair which supports up to 129 kilograms, the backpack provides exceptional convenience for any hunter in the wild. 

The new backpack Hillman ChairPack is a real find for the hunters. It is a harmonious combination of convenience and functionality. Hillman ChairPack is made of high quality durable Duratex fabric, that does not cling to spines and allows you to freely walk through the forest grounds. Soft straps allow the Hillman ChairPack to hold tightly to the back, without slipping or stitching the movements. The backpack is offered in camouflage colors too, that will make you invisible when hunting for animals, game or birds. Hillman ChairPack is rich of pockets and special compartments which allow you to take all the necessary things for outdoor recreation, hunting or fishing. Backpack Hillman ChairPack has a built-in frame, which allows you to use it instead of a chair. Its volume is 30 litters, but despite its impressive size, the backpack does not take up much space and does not overload the back. Wearing the backpack on your shoulders you release your hands and easily can snack on the go, recharge your weapon, look at the map, or make an instant shot. On the straps, there are holders for the radio, walkie-talkie or GPS navigator.

The main characteristics of the Hillman ChairPack are:
- Biologic ® Titanium - smell and bacteria destroyer
- DWR dual – double protection against soaking
- Resistant to low temperatures fasteners and backpack locks
- Noiseless polymer latches
- AIRFLO® - 3D ventilated mesh material
- Fabric for backpacks Duratex®
- Ventec system – fully ventilated backrest to prevent perspiration
- Magnetic buttons
- Zippers – to protect the weapon from scratches
- Regulator in signal color with whistle on the chest
- Mounting on shoulder straps for radio or GPS
- Main compartment with one-way opening function
- Large volume front pocket with one-way opening function
- Side pockets for water or heavy accessories
- Internal pocket for values made of mesh material
- Internal pocket for maps and documents
- Ergonomic, breathable, reinforced back, belts and straps of the backpack
- Hard bottom with excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
- Built-in chair that withstands load up to 129 kg
- The volume of Hillman ChairPack is 30 liters
- Weight of the backpack with chair is 2.4 kg
- Weight of the backpack without chair is 1.6 kg
- Recommended load: 30 kg
- The maximum load on the chair on a flat surface is 129 kg

The highest quality, advanced materials, thoughtful design and weight of 2.4 kg make Hillman ChairPack an excellent solution for different hunt types, especially on spring draft and when hunting for hazel grouse, when most of the time the hunter is motionless.

Hillman ChairPack is available in the following colors:
- Oak – dark olive
- BeyondVision Big Game – camouflage of the European forest, available in green or light brown

Hunting Backpack at Hillman. Best Chairpack for Hunters.

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